Monday 4 February 2019

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V. Press is very very pleased to start this blogpost with announcing something you've hopefully already noticed at the top of this page...a fabulous new website header design!!!

The rainbow effect animation is thanks to our cultural intern Kibriya Mehrban who has been working on this behind the scenes over the past few weeks.

V. Press has had a busy  but very very enjoyable start to 2019 with the ongoing #lovethursdays selections and lots of forthcoming titles already available for pre-order in the Bookshop here.

We've some new initiatives to come over the next few watch this space/follow us on twitter to hear more about those when they're revealed.

Meantime, we're delighted to share more reviews, events news and the latest set of Top Notes...


On A Z-hearted Guide to Heartache by Charley Barnes:

"...scenarios that are universally recognisable. The poems lack self-pity and display a wry humour. They show compassion and capture a contemporary twenty-something navigating her start in life."

Emma Lee, full review here

“Charley Barnes has created an unapologetic collection of poetry with rare strong direction, taking the reader in hand through the relatable and raw emotions of heartbreak. Charley creates a connection to the reader with her concise word play and detailed examinations of the little things in life. Poems bloom while traveling through sweet and sour observations, exploring disability, mental illness, and insecurities of modern life…”

Charlotte Begg, Eye Flash Poetry, full review here

To buy a copy of A Z-Hearted Guide to Heartache, or for more information and a sample poem, please click here

On These nights at home, poems by Alex Reed and images by Keren Banning:

"“These nights at home” is a series of seventeen poems interspersed with images by Keren Banning. The photographic images are abstract, lit, white textures on black with blurred, uncertain outlines. Since many of the poems are anchored in bereavement, the images are complementary...

"A damp towel isn’t for a shared bed and the sense of having no one to phone, or the person you want to phone not being available, is grief. Throughout “These nights at home” recurring images of a doors, shelves and empty rooms are reminders of bereavement. The collection is sensitively written and Keren Banning’s images reflect Alex Reed’s themes."

Emma Lee, full review with quotes from the poems here


V. Press is very pleased to share Kibriya Mehrban's latest  'Top Notes', for  Making Waves by Martin Zarrop:

"Sam Sparro – Black and Gold

The Cure – Jupiter Crash

Gruff Rhys – Space Dust #2

Counting Crows – Einstein on The Beach (For an Eggman)

Making Waves Albert Einstein: Science & Life by Martin Zarrop is probably, of the pamphlets V. Press has recently published, the one with the most focussed and defined subject matter, exploring, as the title suggests, the theories and life of Albert Einstein..."

Kibriya's full Top Notes recommendation can be found over on the Chez Nous page, along with some photo-quotes from the pamphlet like the one below.


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