Friday 30 January 2015

Introducing Chez Nous

V, Press is very very excited to announce its new 'Chez Nous' recommendation scheme and introduce our poetry 'sommeliers'.

We have gathered together a small team of poetry tasters who will recommend their favourite tipples to enjoy with each V. Press publication.

They are:

Jane Campion Hoye is a poetic writer, storyteller and performer, who has gathered knowledge of a diversity of wines from around the world…whether filming in a German vineyard or sampling the liquid silk of a smooth cabernet on Stellenbosch’s wine route in Cape Town.  And not only wine. Her poem 'Waterfall Glory', recently selected for international publication Inspired By My Museum, was first penned on a visit to the Guinness Museum in Dublin. For more about Jane’s work see:

Julie Boden was co-proprietor of a Country House Hotel for more than 20 years, so has had to taste an extensive range of wines  hard work... but someone had to do it! This year, she celebrates her tenth year as Poet in Residence at Symphony Hall, and continues to enjoy working on exciting new collaborations with a selection of amazing musicians. Following her BAFTA nomination in 2012, she has enjoyed writing new pieces for theatre and film and, when not writing or performing her work, she loves to relax and to raise a glass or two with her lovely family and friends.

Angela Topping was born in the year post-war food rationing ended. Perhaps this is the reason for her lifelong love affair with food and all good things. Another of those good things is poetry, of which she has written seven collections and three pamphlets. Over the years, her prowess in wine appreciation has graduated from Blue Nun and Mateus Rose into a liking for the finer fragranced and fuller bodied. And since she has become more full bodied and likes perfume, this is very appropriate. For years, wine was a balm after a hard day in the classroom and now she is freelance again, it is an inspiration and a treat.

The Anon Poet: Our anonymous wine connoisseur is in fact a number of different people, who may be a non-poet. Our three V. Press wine-lovers have generously agreed to make regular Chez Nous recommendations. The Anon Poet allows for poetry-lovers who wish to take part but remain anonymous, or to only recommend very occasionally.

N.B. Anyone tempted by the Anon Poet role should email vpresspoetryAThotmailDOTcom. While those doing this will need to be anonymous on the V. Press website, we would be perfectly happy if they wished to blog about their involvement elsewhere.

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