V. Press is an independent publisher of poetry and flash fiction, founded in 2013.

The dictionary definition of the abbreviation V offers the following:

1. velocity 2. victory 3. vocative 4. volt 5. volume 6. vowel .

Our own definitions also include:

1. V. is for very. We publish work that is very very. This is not to say that we favour extreme art or experimental over mainstream. Nor do we adhere to one set tradition, theme, approach, fashion...or fad. Rather it means that we look for work that is distinctive, very itself. For the reader, this translates as offering them an experience we hope will be very exciting, very moving, very impactful..very what they do and don't expect.

2. V. is for vivid - not vague.

3. V. is for the stereotypical ideogram of a bird in flight. One-dimensional or stereotypical art does not interest us. However, writing that evokes clear images does. As do words in metaphorical flight.

4. Yes, we know V is also a two-finger gesture...

5. We are also all in favour of healthy exercise.

6. Historically, V. is also for the five Vs, four of whom feature in the anthology The Vaginellas, which is the first book published by V. Press.

7. Historically, again, the next link may go without saying, but, if not, click to fill the ellipsis...

8. Finally, V. is for an as yet unpulled wishbone. In terms of our readers, we hope that V. Press books will be ones to wish for. In terms of our poets, we see our partnership with them in terms of marketing and promotion as resembling a wishbone. In practical terms, this means that though we think good writers should be able to spend the majority of their time creating rather than promoting, in reality this is a joint endeavour. We are too small to take on poets who never wish to leave their garret to do readings, talk to real people or actively help to sell their book. However, nor do we expect poets to do all their own marketing. The exact length of the two parts of this cracked wishbone will depend on a variety of factors and agreed on an individual poet and collection basis.

Our team: 
Editorial, Management and Marketing - S.A. Leavesley
Editorial and Design - Ruth Stacey

VPoetry Press Ltd (Company No.08579269) trading as V. Press.


  1. How do I show you my poetry, to see if you will publish me?

    1. Dear Tony,

      Please visit our submissions page on this website. We currently operate a submission window system. For 2014 and 2015, this was the month of August. However, this may change next year.

      I would advise anyone interested in submitting to V. Press to check out our submission guidelines for a general idea of what we ask for when our submission window is open, and then keep an eye on the website from February 2016 onward for details of the next submission window.

      Thank you.

  2. Hello, I'm just checking on the delivery of a couple of books I ordered January 1st. Sorry to post here, I couldn't find a contact. Thank you

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  5. Hi Sarah,

    How long do you envisage a flash chapbook/pamphlet to be? I see from the submission guidelines that a sample selection of 15 stories should be sent when the submission period opens in July and that a full list of all the stories should also be included. Are we talking poetry pamphlet length here, 25 - 35 pieces?

    Many thanks,

    Carol Caffrey.