Sunday 14 July 2013

The Vaginellas at Ledbury Poetry Festival

Last Thursday saw Catherine Crosswell, Jenny Hope, Sarah James and Ruth Stacey perform their The Vaginellas poems to a packed hall at Ledbury Poetry Festival. The show, for which the Vs teamed up with the fabulous Decadent Divas, combines performance poetry and page poetry, setting humour, innuendo and belly-laughs alongside more serious feminist pieces. The buzz of anticipation among the audience pre-show was amazing! It was a truly fantastic night – the atmosphere incredible and the audience wonderful. V. Press's special chapbook of V poems from the Ledbury performance can be purchased here (or through Amazon).

Wednesday 3 July 2013

And they've arrived!

Yes, V. Press's first title The Vaginellas arrived from the printers today!

Here they are in their full glory, all ready for Ledbury Poetry Festival next Thursday:

Tuesday 25 June 2013

And while we're waiting for The Vaginellas to come back from the can also catch these four poets live at this year's Ledbury Poetry Festival: The Vaginellas and The Decadent Divas on Thursday, July 11, 8.30pm – 10.30pm | Burgage Hall | £6

Saturday 22 June 2013

First Title!

V.Press is proud to announce its first title to be published in June/July 2013: The Vaginellas.

Stark, ballsy and all-embracing, the poems in The Vaginellas are in turns very funny, very feminist and very empowering.

The strong distinct voices of these poets  Catherine CrosswellJenny HopeSarah James and Ruth Stacey – explores the highs and lows of both the male and female body. No intimate parts escape untouched in this delightful concoction of fun, feminism, sauce and seriousness.

Their tight and engaging writing sets mythology, metaphor and belly laughs alongside thought-provoking explorations of modern society, historical female creativity and contemporary cultural concerns.

That this should be V. Press’s first title also seems particularly apt, given Tony Harrison’s eponymous poem V.

None of the language in The Vaginellas is gratuitous, every word serves its purpose – to captivate readers, be it in a lyrical, erotic, fun way, or a reclaiming of historical terms that have been manhandled for years.


Thursday 20 June 2013