Friday 11 August 2023

Celebrating the summer & important news for customers!

This summer, V. Press will be out of office for a month for the first time in the press's ten-year history.

During this period over part of August and September, we will be temporarily removing most of our print titles from sale through Amazon.

Customers will still be able to place orders through the V. Press website, but the orders won't be sent out until we're back in office (the second week in September) so people may prefer to wait until then before ordering.

Our flash fiction eBooks (The Chemist's House, The Neverlands, Alice in Wonderland Syndrome and Set a Crow to Catch a Crow) will be unaffected by this longer holiday period and can be purchased as always through Amazon. The Vaginellas poetry chapbook will similarly still be available through Amazon over this period. 

V. Press titles that are currently available to pre-order will also be unaffected, as their publication dates are later on in the year and we will be in the office again in plenty of time to sort these.

Print titles will also go back on sale on Amazon once we're back in office after this short break.

We thank you for your understanding and wish all our writers, readers and supporters a lovely summer!

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