Friday 7 August 2015

Chez Nous Recommendations for ART BRUT

art brut by David O’Hanlon is the kind of poetry collection you want to savour with a smoky single malt or a peaty real-ale.

As you muse on the poems and their literary connotations, I would recommend a Laphroaig 10 Islay Single Malt whiskey: its mix of iodine rich medicinal notes, upsurge of pepper and chilli spices, with just a dose of saltiness, is a perfect match for O’Hanlon’s sharply focussed trek through his teenage experiences.

"I open a drawer, the one where things
Rarely come out.  With the old love letters,
The plectrum thrown into a crowd
By James Hetfield, and my leaver’s book.."
(from 'Report')

Add a measure of water to open up the flavours, the hint of vanilla ice cream that evokes the child-like perception of the dark unknown and the taste of plasters and medicine that evoke institutional life.  

"It was rumoured, and wry smiles confirmed,
That somewhere within that labyrinth
Of wards, units and clinics in a dark corner
Like a repressed desire, was..."
(from 'Contained')

Or try these poems with a ‘Peat Smoked Ale from Loch Lomond brewery’: its tarry black texture and hints on the palate of honey, pine and caramel biscuit will mellow the senses as you imbibe the profound truths and insights of these poems, discovering wit, light and warmth in the midst of darkness.

"...understand the worth
of what you write.  Speak it.  Go on.
Like ink into a fish tank, pour it into the air:"
 (from 'The Summerhouse')

Jane Campion Hoye

For sample poems or to buy a copy of art brut, please click here.

Jane Campion Hoye is a poetic writer, storyteller and performer, who has gathered knowledge of a diversity of wines from around the world…whether filming in a German vineyard or sampling the liquid silk of a smooth cabernet on Stellenbosch’s wine route in Cape Town.  And not only wine. Her poem 'Waterfall Glory', recently selected for international publication Inspired By My Museum, was first penned on a visit to the Guinness Museum in Dublin.

Saturday 1 August 2015

Submissions open for August 2015

V. Press submissions open for August! 

Yes, it's that time of year again. Most people are off to the sun, beach, relaxation, while we open our doors to submissions....

What are we looking for? Well, maybe poetry that opens, or closes, doors inside, that shines a light where most people walk past or that illuminates the familiar in a different way. Or however else a poet chooses to interpret 'very, very' in a meaningful/crafted/awe-inspiring way.

Full guidelines can be found here or under the submissions tab in the menu above. Please do follow these, or poems are likely to be returned unread, or may not even be acknowledged at all.

We are looking for pamphlets/collections for publication possibly later this year, but most likely at some point in 2016.

N.B. While we are also delighted to be publishing a pamphlet of  flash fiction by Carrie Etter next May, our open submissions window this year is for POETRY ONLY. However, we do hope to extend the remit to include flash fiction in our 2016 submissions reading period.