Friday, 13 July 2018

Review news!!!

V. Press is very very delighted to share snippets from recent reviews of three V. Press titles, and our press style!!!


"V Press clearly have a keen editorial eye and produce beautifully imagined and constructed pamphlets and books...

"Jenna writes quite brilliant poetry, which isn't a bad place to start and with this collection she has created something genuinely beautiful and moving...

"Jenna's poetry has a quiet power to it that shines through the simplest of passages and as I read her work I was repeatedly hit by the beautiful imagery that she uses...

"There is a real, genuine depth to the poetry that has a sense of the spiritual but never descends into preachy. Instead there is a feeling of the ancient about the collection and Jenna's choice of words is always quietly apt and they are always meticulously placed, clearly considered.

"This is very much a grown-up collection of poetry, and if it isn't seriously considered for awards in the coming months it would feel criminal."

Mark Davidson, A Restricted View From Under The Hedge, full review and an interview with Jenna in issue 2

A sample poem and more about the pamphlet can be found here.

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Against the Pull of Time (including P&P)

"It is getting a little predictable to say that V Press clearly know what they are doing when it comes to producing beautiful and important poetry books, but the debut collection from Helen Calcutt is something special even by their standards...

"These are poems that are fractured and continually full of pain, but such is her skill that they are in no way terrifying as there is a leavening of joy there too...

"On the cover of the book, Robert Peake talks about a 'terrible and terrifying love' and that is perfectly put. He also says that Helen's poems are 'devastatingly good', and that just about sums it up for me too."

Mark DavidsonA Restricted View From Under The Hedge, full review and an interview with Helen in issue 2

A sample poem and more about the collection can be found here.

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Unable Mother (including P&P)


Meanwhile, across the internet, two new reviews of  Michael Loveday's flash fiction novella Three Men on the Edge:

"...This book is a rummage through the storerooms of the human heart with all its fears, its passions, its yearnings, its failures, its betrayals.   Part of me suspects that  Three Men on the Edge is a series of prose poems with an interlinking narrative structure. But that is merely a quibble of naming.   That the prose is a feast of poesy is no accident, Loveday being a fine poet as well as, now, a fiction writer."

Frances Spurrier, on Volatile Rune, full detailed review here

"Clever, clean and economically written, Three Men on the Edge will surely win over those hesitant to commit to what might otherwise seem an esoteric and specialist form. Both character and place are perfectly evoked, and the sense of trauma only half-experienced is rarely far from the surface. These are men desperate to be something they are not, to be what they might have been or thought they always were, to be someone else entirely; men whose uncertain place in the world is echoed by the edgelands they inhabit.

Three Men on the Edge is a triumph, and I look forward to seeing more from Loveday."

Joel Hames, 5-star review on Amazon and goodreads.

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Three Men on the Edge (including P&P)

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