Tuesday 24 July 2018

In a flash...

The end of July will be here in a flash, and with it the end of our flash fiction submissions window. But if you're a flash writer and haven't sent your submission in yet, there's still one week to go. Full submission guidelines here.

This summer has been an exciting one already for V. Press, with flash fiction writers Santino Prinzi and Michael Loveday launching their new titles on Sunday in a V. Press showcase at this year's Flash Fiction Festival

More on There's Something Macrocosmic About All of This by Santino Prinzi can be found here, while sample flashes from Michael Loveday's Three Men on the Edge flash fiction novella can be found here


V. Press is also delighted to share a new review of Charlie Hill's fiction pamphlet Walking Backwards.

"...Again, I think of Hemingway, and in all of these stories there’s his ‘iceberg’ technique – more below the surface than can be seen above...

"They are all part of a pleasing variety on show here.

"All the best prose writers have a love of poetry. Charlie Hill is a real writer, and a very good one too."

Neil CampbellSabotage Reviews, the full review, also focussing on specific stories can be found here.

BUY a copy of Walking Backwards now using the paypal link .

Walking Backwards (with package & posting options)

A sample story and more information about Walking Backwards can also be enjoyed here.

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