Sunday, 1 April 2018

Easter News - Submissions and Reviews


We're delighted to open our poetry submissions window today.  This year V. Press will have three different submissions windows: poetry (April/May), flash fiction (July) and guest editors (April). Full submissions guidelines and details can be found here, please do read and follow them carefully. Thank you.


“David Clarke’s Scare Stories (V Press), written from a soldier’s perspective in enclosed rhyme, employing a taut sonic register, impresses with its post-apocalyptic vision of war being made as a film for pleasure. It is a conceit that works as the notion of the viewer and participant are conflated through the use of the first person plural throughout. The natural rhymes and pithy language produce a sense of an emerging pattern for a possible near future.” David CaddyTears in the Fence, 67, Spring 2018

V. Press is also very delighted to share that How to Parallel Park by James Davey is the April publication over on Atrium Poetry. The feature, which includes three poems from the pamphlet, can be enjoyed here. The pamphlet is available here

Romalyn Ante is named 1 of  '10 Poets Bound to Shift UK Poetry', fourhubs, March 2018. Her V. Press pamphlet Rice & Rain is available here

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