Tuesday, 2 January 2018

New year, new reviews!!!

V. Press is very very pleased to simultaneously finish 2017 and start 2018 with news of even more reviews!

Following on from December's top title listings from The Poetry School, Jacqui Rowe's Blink and Stephen Daniels' Tell Mistakes I Love Them both featured on David Clarke's end-of-year listings at A Thing for Poetry.

"Blink showcases Jacqui's range, both emotionally and culturally, from occasional poems and ekphrasis to responses to Apollinaire and Verlaine; all held together by a characteristic clear-sightedness. Drawing as it does from Jacqui's previous publications, her first 'proper' collection is arguably a 'New and Selected', but it still feels remarkably cohesive."
David Clarke, A Thing for Poetry

"Stephen's carefully conveyed sense of the surreal qualities of the everyday allows him to address the big themes from surprising angles, for instance in one poem where intimations of mortality lurk in the background as he describes getting a mole checked by his doctor. He's one of those poets who writes poems about things that other poets wouldn't write poems about, which is only ever a good thing."
David Clarke, A Thing for Poetry

David's full article and listings can be enjoyed here.

New Year's Day also saw the publication of a new review of Tell Mistakes I Love Them over at Sabotage Reviews.

"The poet produces some fantastic lines, which shine out for me:

‘was nine and had serrated breath’ (The first person I ever hated)
‘my family – twisted amphibians -snap at intimacy…’ (Surface Tensions)
‘The sofa apologised’ (Pyromaniac)...

...Daniels shares his hurt in a very immediate way, that can only provoke a visceral and lasting response. We have all been hurt like this."

Paul Goring, Sabotage Reviews, full review here

BUY a copy of Blink now using the paypal link below:

Blink with p&p options

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Tell Mistakes I Love Them (with P&P options)

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