Saturday, 24 June 2017

Celebrating Flash Fiction - submissions & offers

We're very very delighted to celebrate National Flash Fiction Day with a special flash fiction bundle offer and by opening our submissions window for flash fiction for a month.

Today is both National Flash Fiction Day and the start of the Flash Fiction Festival  in Bath, where Jude Higgins will be launching her The Chemist's House

The short fiction in The Chemist’s House is very evocative and very colourful.

“A collection that pokes softly at the spaces between people: sister, brother, father, mother, neighbour, friend. Higgins’ stories reveal moments where small truths, and lies, dwell. Understated and quiet, these small fictions paint lives gently, but oh so colourfully.” Michelle Elvy

More about the pamphlet, and a sample story, may be enjoyed here.

Buy a copy of The Chemist's House now

The Chemist's House with packing and postage

Jude's pamphlet follows on the success of V. Press's initial flash fiction publication: Carrie Etter's Hometown.

Hometown brims with emotion-charged stories, distinctive characters and situations of hidden and not-so-hidden tensions in everyday lives in the American Midwest. From characters’ differing sense of responsibility to themselves, their friends and their families, to the wide-ranging aftermath of a white man’s accidental killing of a black man in central Illinois, these flash fictions illuminate the daily struggle of being human. Hometown proves very immediate and very engaging from start to finish.

"Etter's stories climb into your head and reboot it from the inside, from the squealingly joyous to the darkly sad, some with gear changes that fling you backwards in your seat, some told in voices so strong you could lean against them, and then some fragile, as if the page held nothing but the faint impression of a delicate and long-dead insect. I can't wait for more." David Gaffney

More about the pamphlet, and a sample story, may be enjoyed here.

Buy a copy of Hometown now

Hometown (with P&P options)


We have more fiction in store for readers this summer, and are also on the look-out for next year's V. Press fiction pamphlets.

Meantime, readers can enjoy both V. Press pamphlets for £12 (including packing and postage in the UK only) with this special flash bundle available until the end of July 24.

NFFD 2017: 2 pamphlet flash fiction bundle with P&P for UK only


PRE-ORDERS for our next pamphlet of short fiction - Walking Backwards by Charlie Hill - are available here, along with a sample story and more information about this forthcoming pamphlet.


The V. Press flash fiction (NOT poetry) submissions window will also be open for the next month (30 days)  (until July 24). Please check out the submissions page  for how to submit work, making sure to follow all the guidelines.

(N.B. We are not currently open to general poetry submissions. However, if you are a poet already in discussions with us about a specific manuscript, this month would also be a good time to submit, before we re-open to poetry submissions generally.) Thank you.

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