Thursday, 20 April 2017

More reviews delight - "powerful stuff"

V. Press is very very delighted to share news of Gram Joel Davies' Bolt Down This Earth reviewed in Litter.

"These poems are peopled by vulnerable, troubled characters, outsiders, who project a fractured and disturbing light on what we might call ‘normality’. In ‘The Buzzing Crowd’ the natural world feels as abrasive and out-of-sync as its human protagonists – ‘Those rooks, / they’d peck your brain and pull love right / from out your sockets.’ 

"Davies evokes psychological states of inner turmoil via language which is estranged and troubling, yet beautifully constructed in its disaffection – ‘ Your carpet crawls like droplets on a hotplate / and the fear of tiny mouthfuls grows, exponential / to fleabites’. (from ‘Creep’). Powerful stuff indeed."

From a review by Steve Spence, Litter, full review here.

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Bolt Down This Earth with P&P

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