Saturday 1 August 2015

Submissions open for August 2015

V. Press submissions open for August! 

Yes, it's that time of year again. Most people are off to the sun, beach, relaxation, while we open our doors to submissions....

What are we looking for? Well, maybe poetry that opens, or closes, doors inside, that shines a light where most people walk past or that illuminates the familiar in a different way. Or however else a poet chooses to interpret 'very, very' in a meaningful/crafted/awe-inspiring way.

Full guidelines can be found here or under the submissions tab in the menu above. Please do follow these, or poems are likely to be returned unread, or may not even be acknowledged at all.

We are looking for pamphlets/collections for publication possibly later this year, but most likely at some point in 2016.

N.B. While we are also delighted to be publishing a pamphlet of  flash fiction by Carrie Etter next May, our open submissions window this year is for POETRY ONLY. However, we do hope to extend the remit to include flash fiction in our 2016 submissions reading period.

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