The Escapologist

“These poems, sometimes joyful and sometimes sinister, examine human connection and disconnection. Time traveling between a subjective past and a forgiving present, Jinny Fisher is like the little boy ‘escapologist’ in the title poem: proficient in her craft, and simultaneously tethered and free.” Kathryn Maris

“Jinny Fisher’s poems explore the often fraught intimacies of family life with psychological acuteness and linguistic precision. At times hauntingly stark, at others delightfully whimsical, Fisher’s work is consistently engaged, intelligent, and necessary.” Carrie Etter

“As the title of this pamphlet suggests, Fisher’s poetry dazzles with its play between restraint and release, form and space. These poems resonate with love, loss, mystery and fable and just as you think ‘the ropes will slip free’, a new theme, a different landscape, a fresh voice transmutes into being.” V. Press Guest Editor Mary-Jane Holmes

The Escapologist is very taut and very disquieting.

A sample poem from The Escapologist can be found below.

32 pages 

ISBN: 978-1-9998444-7-9

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Brownie 127: The Beach.
As we skimmed the deeps, his freckled back was my boat. I felt the rise and fall of shoulder blades under my thumbs, his mouth swivelling into view as he gasped for breath. Look: a squinty grin, a cartwheel, a sandcastle – fortified against the tide. 

Asahi Pentax: The Shed.
Dust-coated cobwebs, thick as tea towels, draped the windows. I dangled my legs from the workbench, viced the battens while he sawed, and there were so many splinters to be gouged. Look: a table – sanded and glossed, a captain’s chair, three splay-backs. 

Nikon F: The Studio.

A windowless shed at the end of the garden. Only my friend was with him. We all knew there were cameras on tripods, banks of flash-guns, umbrellas to diffuse the glare. I imagine his camouflaged murmurs as her blouse falls to the floor. Listen: Lovely – peep from under your lids. Now – a little smile. 


"“The Escapologist” contains poems that are warm, conversational in tone and welcoming to read. They wear their craft and musicality lightly, which makes them an engaging read and gives them a depth exploring and exposing family psychologies."
Emma Lee, full review here.

"So the world of these poems contains beauty and love, but it is undoubtedly ominous. Much is shared. Nothing is hammered home. There are careful layers, many of them, and the poems draw their reader back and reward re-reading. They are expert pictures from the life, and the poet has declared them fearlessly  her own."

Helena NelsonSphinx/OPOI (One Point of Interest), the full review 'Omens' here.

"Fisher, who has undergone a series of metamorphoses from classical violinist, to psychotherapist to poet, has an eye for detail. Her descriptions are precise. [...] One of the eye-catching qualities of the collection is the layout of Fisher’s poems. Some, like the title poem, are laid out in paragraphs, others like ‘The Scarf’ follow the shape of the object they describe. All of them, whether they are about home, family relations or even her violin have something to recommend them."

Gary Day, Everybody's Reviewing, full review here.

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