Saturday, 16 June 2018

Happy National Flash Fiction Day

 V. Press is very very pleased to celebrate this year's National Flash Fiction Day with editor Sarah Leavesley's  'A Flash Guide to V. Press'.

The piece was originally written for a blogpost for the National Flash Fiction Festival, which takes place at Trinity College, Bristol from July 20-22 and will feature a V. Press showcase.

 The showcase on Sunday, July 22, will feature readings from this year's V. Press titles: There's Something Macrocosmic About All of This by Santino Prinzi and Michael Loveday's flash fiction novella Three Men on the Edge.

More about the festival can be found on the festival website here.


In summer 2018, V. Press celebrates its fifth birthday. It’s a very, very delightful coincidence that it also marks the publication of our fifth fiction title!

The press was originally set up and launched at Ledbury Poetry Festival in 2013. But it only really got going in 2015, with three poetry pamphlets. In 2016, V. Press published three poetry pamphlets, a poetry collection and our first flash pamphlet. This increased to nine titles in 2017, with a similar schedule for 2018.

The move into publishing flash fiction alongside poetry was an organic one. I’d long admired Carrie Etter’s poetry and I was delighted to be able to publish her fiction pamphlet, Hometown. Our range has built up from there, with clear black and white photographic cover designs to make our fiction immediately and distinctively discernible from our poetry titles.

The compressed nature of flash sits well alongside poetry, but I also like work that mixes artforms or threads across genre boundaries. I have eclectic tastes in my own reading and writing; I think this is reflected in my choices as an editor and publisher.

One thing I look for in manuscripts is not just great individual pieces but some overall cohesion. The pamphlet in particular is perfect for sequences of poems and short fiction which combine to create a sum that’s greater than its parts.

So, Carrie Etter’s Hometown is very immediate and very engaging, with emotion-charged stories, distinctive characters and strong tensions. Jude Higgins’ very evocative and very colourful The Chemist’s House is a moving, interconnected coming-of-age flash tapestry of family love and conflict. Charlie Hill’s Walking Backwards is a touching, funny and melancholic mix of short fiction that is very human and very distinctive.

This year, Michael Loveday’s Three Men on the Edge is a very richly shaded and very unconventional novella-in-flash. This heart-felt narrative of three men living on the edge of London is also funny, scary and beautifully crafted, with poetic language and emotional precision. Meanwhile, the very human and very heart-provoking flashes in Santino Prinzi’s There's Something Macrocosmic About All of This range across hilarious, playful, profound and fierce as they pick out the big truths in everyday moments.

Ultimately, the choice of titles is subjective – and not just about the individual manuscript, but also how it fits with V. Press’s overall range. I’m pleased this includes work from open submissions windows. It’s really exciting to discover new work by new writers as well as established names!

We had a poetry submissions window open in April/May 2018, which will now be followed by a flash fiction submission window in July. But I’m also exploring the possibility of guest editors – to potentially increase the diversity and maybe even number of titles that we publish, as well as potentially allowing writer-editors based overseas to influence the work that V. Press produces.

Although we’re not yet five years old, it’s been great to see the press shortlisted in the Michael Marks Publishers’ Award 2017, as well as many of our authors picking up their own wonderful individual reviews, awards and accolades.

More information and sample flashes/poems can be found on our website and please do follow us on twitter at @vpresspoetry. I’m also very very much looking forward to meeting writers and readers at this year’s Flash Fiction Festival!!!

Monday, 4 June 2018

V. Press’s 2018 poetry submissions window has now closed, bringing with it an impressive selection of sample poems. Now, the delightful reading of submissions, followed by the hard decision on which pamphlets and collections to shortlist.

This process starts with a simple but very big thank you to everyone who has sent poems. V. Press editor Sarah Leavesley is very much looking forward to reading them. Whatever the final decisions are, each poem will be read and appreciated.

Because this year has brought even more submissions than before, this blogpost includes a brief run-through of what happens next, along with advance gratitude for poets' patience in terms of replies. (The time it takes V. Press to respond is in direct correlation to the standard of submissions and time it takes to consider each carefully!)

V. Press does allow simultaneous submissions at the pre-shortlist stage because of the time involved in reading submissions and responding – but we would ask anyone who has submitted elsewhere simultaneously to let us know asap if the manuscript is taken on by another press.

This year for the first time we also invited submissions for a guest editor role, and have been delighted by the response.

Once decisions have been made about shortlisted poets, V. Press will then also be in contact with those who’ve sent expressions of interest in the guest editor roles.

Finally, a thanks too for the many words of appreciation for current V. Press titles and a reminder that V. Press will be OPEN FOR FLASH FICTION SUBMISSIONS IN JULY 2018. More on how to submit here.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Launching There's Something Macrocosmic About All of This

V. Press is very very delighted to announce the publication of Santino Prinzis' flash fiction pamphlet There's Something Macrocosmic About All of This.

The short fiction in There’s Something Macrocosmic About All of This by Santino Prinzi is very human and very heart-provoking.

“Hilarious, playful, profound and fierce, these stories ring with wonder at the messy world of sex and love. Prinzi's fiction is addictive because of their unflinching sensuality and sharp attention to emotional detail.” Meg Pokrass

“InThere's Something Macrocosmic About All of This, Santino Prinzi looks for the big truths in everyday moments. From coming out to falling out, each of these stories is a nuanced study of human nature – full of insight and wit.” Christopher Allen

40 pages, R.R.P. £6.50

BUY a copy of There's Something Macrocosmic About All of This now using the paypal options below. 

There's Something Macrocosmic About All of This (including P&P)

A sample story from There's Something Macrocosmic About All of This may be enjoyed below.


The succulent is growing from a white porcelain pot on the kitchen windowsill. Its colouring varies in the light, from an almost neon that dazzles to a deep pine reminiscent of Christmas.

Jenni is sitting at the kitchen table. She’s reading Finnegan’s Wake. This is the only type of literature she’ll read. Real literature. Literature by dead people. This frustrates Kate. Though she can tolerate wet towels left on the bed, Kate wishes that Jenni would accept that contemporary fiction isn’t all Fifty Shades of Grey, poorly written crime thrillers, or some Frankenstein’s monster of the two. The monster novel exists in a bookcase or on a laptop somewhere in the world, of that Kate is certain, but not in this house.

Kate places a black coffee in front of Jenni and her white coffee on the other side of the table. She takes a seat and removes her bookmark from White Teeth. The bookmark is a metal letter ‘K’ that slightly tears the page if Kate isn’t careful. They both have a sip of coffee, not quite in unison, then Jenni reaches for the sugar. She struggles, her fingertips skimming the edge of the sugar pot. Kate pretends not to notice; her eyes are fixed on the word ‘memory’. She can’t help but watch Jenni in her periphery vision. Any other person may snigger, then offer to help. Kate just sits. Because it isn’t only the literature or the wet towels dampening the bed sheets; it’s everything that is and everything that isn’t. Everything that was. Everything that could be so much more than this.

Beneath the succulent’s healthy leaves that hang over the pot’s brim, dead leaves have shrivelled into soil that has become too dry. They are slowly decomposing, one on top of the other, out of sight. A bigger pot is needed if it is going to continue to grow.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Ledbury Poetry Salon - Blink on June 5

V. Press is very very delighted that Jacqui Rowe will be reading from her collection Blink at Ledbury Poetry Salon in June.

Jacqui will also be discussing her poems at the Ledbury Poetry Festival salon event on Tuesday, June 5.

Information from Ledbury Poetry Festival about the next two salon events can be found below, followed by a paypal link for ordering Blink.

Ledbury Poetry Salons, 7pm – 9pm, The Master’s House Panelled Room, £5 For the first half of the evening a Featured Poet will read and discuss their poems. This is followed by an Open Mic. Come along and expand your enjoyment of poetry through readings and conversation!

Tuesday 5 June with featured poet Jacqui Rowe
Jacqui Rowe has had four poetry pamphlets published and her poems have appeared widely in magazines, such as Tears in the Fence, Bare Fiction, The Interpreter’s House, and Poetry Review. She has also read her own poems on Radio 4’s Poetry Please. hosted by Roger McGough. Her first full collection, Blink, is published by V Press. Co-founder and co-editor of the award-winning independent press, Flarestack Poets, she is a sought after mentor for other poets and a tutor for the Poetry School.


Blink with p&p options

Monday, 21 May 2018

Saboteur Awards Wins!!!

Just in case anyone missed this weekend's social media buzz...V. Press is very very delighted to share news that Romalyn Ante's Rice & Rain won Best Poetry Pamphlet in the Saboteur Awards 2018!!!

V. Press is very very proud that Claire Walker's V. Press pamphlet Somewhere Between Rose and Black was also shortlisted for this award.

With category shortlists of just five titles, it was amazing to see two V. Press pamphlets shortlisted this year.

V. Press is very very delighted too that V. Press poetry designer and poet Ruth Stacey won Best Collaborative Work with poet Katy Wareham Morris for their poetry duet, Inheritance (Mother’s Milk Books)!

Jude Higgins' V. Press pamphlet The Chemist's House was also longlisted for the Best Short Story Collection. (More on the pamphlet here.)

The full Saboteur Awards category winners and runners-up can be found here.

Links to more information about these three pamphlets below.

Copies of these V. Press pamphlets can also be ordered directly from this page using the paypal links.

Rice & Rain by Romalyn Ante is very rich and very distinct - a sample poem and more about the pamphlet here.

Somewhere Between Rose and Black by Claire Walker is very earthy and very enigmatic - a sample poem and more about the pamphlet here.
The short fiction in The Chemist’s House by Jude Higgins is very evocative and very colourful.

BUY Rice & Rain now using the paypal link below.
Rice & Rain with p&p options

BUY Somewhere Between Rose and Black now, using the paypal link below.
Somewhere Between Rose and Black (with P&P options)

BUY a copy of The Chemist's House now, using the paypal link below.
The Chemist's House with packing and postage

Friday, 20 April 2018

Saboteur Awards shortlisting - update!!!

V. Press is very very delighted to share more on the
two V. Press pamphlets shortlisted in this year's Poetry Pamphlet category for the 2018 Saboteur Award!!!

Both Romalyn Ante's Rice & Rain and Claire Walker's Somewhere Between Rose and Black are in the running for this year's prize.

The Saboteur Awards 2018: Spotlight on the Best Poetry Pamphlet Shortlist is now online here, including details about the two V. Press pamphlets shortlisted

Somewhere Between Rose and Black by Claire Walker is very earthy and very enigmatic - a sample poem and more about the pamphlet here.

Voters' praise includes:

"A truly incredible book of suppleness and sensuality which is lead by a compelling narrative. Beautiful." "Walker is a sensitive and intelligent poet whose lines are beautifully crafted."

Rice & Rain by Romalyn Ante is very rich and very distinct - a sample poem and more about the pamphlet here.
Voters' praise includes:

"Extraordinary poems, powerfully personal, subtly political, metaphysical"

"She is a very gifted poet. Her poems have a great joy to read with a different style of the way she writes and construct hers words beautifully." 

V. Press is also very very delighted to see V. Press poetry designer Ruth Stacey shortlisted for Best Collaborative Work for her poetry duet with Katy Wareham Morris, Inheritance (Mother’s Milk Books).

And Jude Higgins' V. Press pamphlet The Chemist's House was also longlisted for the Best Short Story Collection. (More on the pamphlet here.)

The final winner s for each category will be announced at the special Saboteur Awards festival event in London on Satuday, May 19 but before that the placings have to be public vote!

Voting starts today Monday, April 9 and ends on Wednesday, May 9. Even if you've already nominated, please do go along to the website here now to cast your vote and have your say in this year's winners!!!

VOTE HERE NOW for  Somewhere Between Rose and Black /Rice & Rain !!! 

Meanwhile, a quick reminder that V. Press is currently open to poetry submissions. (Please check out the guidelines here.) 

Also, the very very exciting V. Press Stablemates reading in London takes place on Thursday, April 26. Book your tickets now at

Thursday, 19 April 2018




V. Press is very very delighted to to take part in the monthly Stablemates poetry evening at The Poetry Cafe London on Thursday, April 26. Jill Abrams has invited V. Press poets Stephen Daniels and David Clarke , and V. Press editor and poet, Sarah James/Leavesley to share poetry (& maybe a few words on running the press) from their recent pamphlets and collections: Tell Mistakes I Love ThemScare Storiesplenty-fish and How to Grow Matches.

Doors open 7pm, poetry starts promptly at 7.30. Venue: The Poetry CafĂ©, 22 Betterton St, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9BX. Tickets are £6 in advance from Buy Now button on the Stablemates website here or £8 (cash only) on the door.

Full details also below: